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Check out the history of the Atlantean languages

Atlantean Historical Linguistics

Most dialects of Atlantean split off during the Middle Atlantean period known as "The Great Spreading".

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Read up on the history of Erd

Timeline of Erd

If you want a quick overview of the different dialects, read this

Ring Verse in dialects of Atlantean

Behind the scenes of creating Atlantean

Coastal Atlantean (Atlaans)[]

Coastal Atlantean is the official language of the Kingdom of Atlantis and is the dialect spoken by King Kaasgatou

Learn Atlaans (Coastal Atlantean)

Coastal Atlantean Grammar

Coastal Atlantean Pronunciation

Coastal Atlantean Dictionary

Coastal Atlantean Reading Material

Common Phrases in Coastal Atlantean

Numbers in Coastal Atlantean

Days of the Week and Months of the Year in Coastal Atlantean

Coastal Atlantean Expressions

Cultural and Linguistic History of Atlaans

Middle Atlantean[]

Middle Atlantean Dialects

Middle Atlantean Dictionary

Middle Atlantean Grammar

Tunic Atlantean (Tunsk)[]

Night's Watch Pledge in Tunic Atlantean

Tunic Dictionary

Tohanian Atlantean[]

Numbers in Tohanian Atlantean

Harbour Atlantean[]

Harbour Atlantean Grammar

Harbour Atlantean Dictionary

Numbers in Harbour Atlantean

Harbour Atlantean Sound Shifts

High Atlantean[]

High Atlantean Grammar

High Atlantean Dictionary

High Atlantean Sound Shifts

Honalanian Atlantean (Honalano)[]

Honalanian Grammar

Numbers in Honalanian Atlantean


Avocadian Grammar

Avocadian Dictionary

Avocadian Script


Emoyital is a Temeric Atlantean dialect spoken in Japan. We have our own wiki for it.

Asgard Atlantean[]

Asgard Atlantean Sound Sample

Frequently Asked Questions[]

What's the deal with Atlantean?

Our goal is to construct a language that can plausibly be the mother of all languages in this world Erd. Because of this it was able to have a huge impact on the world. All languages in Erd are descended from a dialect of Atlantean called Middle Atlantean. We also have completely different names for the languages family. What people on Earth call the germanic family, Erders call them the Harbour languages (as they are descended from Harbour Atlantean).

If you want to join in on our project, we welcome it. It takes a long time to develop the language that comes between Middle Atlantean and a real modern language such as Japanese, Arabic or French, but people are coming up with new dialects of Middle Atlantean all the time, and coming up with fascinating etymologies.

Erd is similar to Earth, but also very different too. People are completely obsessed with cheesecake on Erd. Their king is called "cheesecake". Cheesecake in their language means "divine desert that comes from the cheese province". One of their provinces is called cheese land, because that is where most of the cheese comes from. That is also why the languages spoken there, known as the Slavic languages to earthlings, are known as Dairy languages to Erders.

There is much more still to discover over the effect that Atlan has had on the world of Erd. Come join in!

We are very inclusive. All you need to do is respect and go along with the other "research" people are doing and you will be welcomed with open arms as long as you are not an avocadian

What's a sheeple?

While the word "sheeple" did exist before, it became an injoke to use it. Sheeple is a mashup of "sheep" and "people". Remember how sheep herd together? Well, sheeple is used to describe people who act like sheep. The joke is that the language discussed that night is actually the mother of language, and all those who don't think it is are just going with the mass opinion of what language family it is in.

So if the joke were true, then all of us thinking that his language wasn't the mother of language would be sheeple because we can't see the truth and are just listening to what linguists tell us.

What is an avocadian?

This is a related term, but it refers to people who deliberately go out there and spread misinformation. A good quick explanation of the term is "language troll" or anyone who goes against the teaching of Atlantean Spraakshaf


Who's King Cheesecake?

Your lord and master obviously

What's the big deal about cheesecake?

Who doesn't like cheesecake?!

If you want to work on Atlantean, please read through what others have done so your work fits in with their. Atlantean is a pluricentric language with many dialects. You can make as crazy a dialect as you want. Want to do Atlan as spoken by Atlans who settled in Japan? Go ahead!

Just come up with rules of how the sounds changed from some other dialect, keep those rules consistent and write them down. You can write down all your ideas on the wiki. Above all, have fun!

Please also use to record yourself reading Atlantean, or record yourself with your phone or camera and upload it to YouTube. Once you have done this, post a link on the group.

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