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Avocadian (noun) (/ævə'keɪdiən/, or more rarely, /ɑ:və'kɑ:diən/)

Avocadian refers to people who are largely ignorant about language in general but still like to "inform" people about language. Some are rather belligerent in their ignorance and won't accept any criticism or correction. It also describes any so-called "language troll" who is either trying to mislead, misdirect or misinform genuine language enthusiasts. This word is a pejorative for anyone who wishes to knowingly mislead people as to the true origins of words, terms and languages.

The situation on Erd:

The word avocadian is used to describe anyone who doesn't agree with the major tenets of Atlantean Spraakshap, one of the main ones being that all world languages are descended from some form of the Atlantean language.

The term comes from High Atlantean: avocetheron, which means advertisement. The term started to be used by Spraakshapers (if they can even be called that) that didn't agree with Atlantean Spraakshap who sent out works viciously attacking the very essence of Atlantean Spraakshap.

These works were called the avocathera, or "That which brings attention". They called themselves avocadians proudly since it meant only, "someone who brings something to someone's attention". But the term quickly became a pejorative used by Atlantean Spraakshapers to insult Spraakshapers from other schools of thought.

Even the avocadians themselves stopped calling themselves by the name. But the Atlanteans do not forget. It is as hurtful an insult now as it was when it was first used in the pejorative sense..

A few related words still exist in some languages such as "evoke" (English), "advocate" (English) and "avocadoeer" (Atlaans).

The Atlaans word for miscreant (avocadoeer) comes from High Atlantean. It is from the negative sense of the word "avocadian" that this Atlaans word derives.

It also refers to "šunjăimedéwi" (neutral speech), a constructed language invented by avocadians. All self respecting Atlanteans call it avocadian to make its true purpose clear