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The cause of the Second Great Cheesecake War is well known, that it was caused by the banning of cow farming by Steve the Vagabond in the Atlantean province of Kaasland during the reign of King Cheesecake IV.

The Second Great Cheesecake War was a monumental chapter in our land's history. It was one of the main causes behind the Great Spreading, and giving the gift of the Atlantean language to the rest of the world.

Kaasland had been a colony of Atlantis since the earliest days of Atlantis, but close ties were kept so the dialect they spoke there never diverged very far from the Atlantean spoken on Atlantis. 

But with the Second Great Cheesecake War, Atlantis became less expansionistic and left Kaasland to its own devices. Dairy was still a huge industry in Kaasland, so people from all around the Atlantean world began to speak of it as the "Atlantean of the Dairy farmers" or "Dairy Atlantean".

Modern Dairy languages, such as Kaasian and Surian descend from this language spoken by the people of Atlantis' oldest colony.