Atlan Wiki
Definite articles
thon- (thono- if the word starts with a consonant) male
thel- (thele- if the word starts with a consonant) female
san- (sana- if the word starts with a consonant) neuter
hun- (hunu- if the word starts with a consonant) royal
thol- (tholo- if the words starts with a consonant) plural

Indefinite articles
on- male
el- female
an- neuter
un- royal
ol- plural

Word Order


Adjectives are listed in the dictionary with an -a ending, but that ending changes depending on the gender
They get an ending depending on the gender of the noun they describe. Adjectives are put after the noun
male -o
female -e
neuter -a
royal -u
plural -o

Infinitive is formed by adding -are to the base form of the word (with the initial -a dropped)
shuba -> shubare

Nominative: subject of an transitive verb
Accusative: object
Dative: movement toward
Genitive: possession
Ablative: movement away
Adessive: on
Instrumental: with, by
Inessive: used in
Vocative: when calling someone
Elative: out of
Illative: into

Add anta- to an adjective to make the opposite. This can also be used with
All verbs end on -an

I: Oce /oce/
You: The /θe/
He: Ara /ara/
She: Si /si/
It: Ote /ote/
We: Wi /wi/
You (pl): Thosa /θosa/
They: Osa /osa/

I: mec
You: thec
He: ac
She: har
It: et
We: uns
You: thisic
They: isic

me: meran
you: theran
him: aran
her: seran
it: eran
us: unsan
you (plural): thisan
them: isiran

my: mon
your: thon
his: an
her: sir
its: yis
our: unse
your (plural): thir
their: isir

me: milan
you: thilan
him: alan
her: silan
it: itilan
us: unilan
you (pl): thisilan
them: isilan

me: minan
you: thinan
him: anan
her: sinan
it: itinan
us: uninan
you (pl): thisinan
them: isinan

me: miman
you: thiman
him: aman
her: siman
it: itiman
us: uniman
you (pl): thisiman
them: isiman

me: mito
you: thito
him: ato
her: sito
it: itito
us: unito
you (pl): thitito
them: isito

me: milu
you: thilu
him: alu
her: silu
it: idilu
us: unilu
you (pl): thisilu
them: isilu

me: mipo
you: thipo
him: apo
her: sipo
it: itipo
us: unipo
you (pl): thitipo
them: isipo

me: milo
you: thilo
him: alo
her: silo
it: itilo
us: unilo
you (pl): thitilo
them: isilo

Normal verb conjugation
I: -o
You: -ast
Third person: -at
We: -an
You: -at
They: -am

Verb to be

I: pon
You: post
He: os
She: os
It: os
We: ara
You: sont
They: som

Simple past tense
First vowel
a -> e
e -> i
i -> a
o -> u
u -> a

Past tense
Add -at to the end of the veb

Past perfect
Add th- (tha- if it starts with a consonant) plus the sound change

Add than- (thana- if it starts with a consonant) plus sound change

Add -li- after the first vowel

Add -ko- after the first vowel

Add -lo- after the first vowel

Past progressive
Add -lø- after the first vowel

Demonstrative pronouns
This: thos
That: that
(those) who: thera