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The main religion of Atlantis are the Ekmites who are an ancient civilization of Erd. They reside in Ekmulòt, a rocky shore region far east of Hammen, on the shore facing east. They worship a pantheon of gods, but most importantly the chief god Ekmek. A common myth is that Ekmites live in the desert, but this is untrue; there are no Ekmite communities dwelling in any desert on Erd. Ekmites live on a rocky coast, directly east of Hammen on the eastern shore. The myth that they come from a desert stems from their brown hair and eyes, which is an oddity in Atlantis. The explanation for these physical features is currently unknown, but scholars speculate that it resulted from intermixing with sailors from a distant land. Ekmites are also known for being, as was said by King Kaasgatou, 'Irresponsibly silly and failing to comprehend the severity of serious situations'. Important Temple meetings often reduce to hysterical laughing and meaningless driveling about bread. This is taken to such an extreme, that is often speculated that the Ekmites don't actually believe in the god Ekmek, and that he is in fact a massive ongoing inside joke.


Ekmekoj, the religion of Ekmek, is polytheistic.In Ekmekoj, Ekmek was the only being, in a cosmic void. There was but one object, a massive sentient loaf of bread. Ekmek and the slice of bread made an agreement, in which Ekmek would destroy the loaf of bread, but in return, use it to create a civilization that worshiped it. Ekmek agreed, and cut the loaf into pieces, and molded Erd out of the Life-Dough. Ekmek then used the sentient energy leftover to imbue some Crumbs of the Loaf with souls. These sentient crumbs then became people, and the leftover sentient energy was used to create the other animals of the world. In this way, the Ekmites believe that the eternal bread is the god Ekmek, and Ekmek is the universe, and Ekmek is what makes up the Ekmites themselves.

Ekmek and the Eternal Loaf are one, as are the Ekmites one with the Loaf and Ekmek. However, one day, when Erd was young, a group of Ekmites decided that the Ekmekoj religion was silly, and they betrayed the other Ekmites. This schism created the other civilizations of Erd. However, because the Ekmite people fractured, and the Ekmites were intertwined with Ekmek, it fractured the god Ekmek into numerous other Crumbs. The largest Crumb, still referred to as Ekmek, is the chief god. Below him, are other divine Crumbs of varying power and with their own domains. The Ekmites worship all of these fractured Crumbs of Ekmek, because their divinity is still valid. Ekmites believe that eventually Erd and the universe will be put into the cosmic oven, and all those who do not believe in Ekmek will perish.


Ekmites typically have hair ranging from dark brown to reddish-brown, and brown eyes. Ekmites typically also have wavy or curly hair, another odd features among Atlanteans. Ekmites are also slightly shorter than other Atlanteans on average. Many Ekmite men have beards, and decorate their beards with braids and jewelry.